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Introducing the Course Impact Accelerator

A VIP Day to unlock your personalized blueprint for improved student engagement, success and satisfaction inside your course or online program.

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Are you ready to add the “WOW!” factor to your course or online program?

Do you want better reviews, higher quality referrals, and repeat enrollments?

Are you ready to gain the competitive edge that will have you standing out as the go to expert because you have a professionally done curriculum?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this VIP Day is for you!

What is the Course Impact Accelerator?

Picture this: In just one intensive day, our primary focus will be on identifying strategies for the improvement of your course or program with quick wins and high-impact enhancements.

Lean on my expertise to eliminate the guesswork and save valuable time that would otherwise be spent trying to figure out what needs to change for your course or program to be more effective, engaging, and aligned with getting your clients the desired outcomes faster.

Together, we'll transform your course into an unforgettable experience that will create more success, more referrals, and better quality testimonials allowing you to grow in your confidence and authority in your niche.

You’re an ideal fit if:

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  • You feel overwhelmed by your existing workload, and have little time to focus on course improvements
  • You want to see results in days not weeks.
  • You may feel stuck in a rut, with your course or program not having the impact you had hoped.
  • You’re empowered to take your course to the next level.
  • You prioritize impact over influence, and you're ready to make it a reality.

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Hi There!

I’m Tracy...

professionally trained curriculum virtuoso. My superpower? Helping coaches and consultants turbocharge their online businesses with high-impact courses and programs.

When I'm not conjuring up fantastic learning experiences, you'll find me wearing my grandma cape, doting on two adorable little munchkins. I'm also the proud mom of three amazing young men, and a wife to a husband who's been my partner-in-life for nearly three decades!

Beyond the realm of education, I savor delightful dinners with friends, power up on endless cups of coffee, and escape to sunny Mexico with my hubby whenever I can catch that golden opportunity.


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Ditch the DIY approach or relying on well-intentioned but equally uncertain virtual assistants and freelancers.

Experience the Course Impact Accelerator VIP Day. It’s a limited opportunity to have the eyes of a professionally trained curriculum expert on your course or online program.

The Course Impact Accelerator

There are 4 Phases to the VIP Day


Step One - Assess

In-Depth Course Evaluation: I'll conduct an assessment of your curriculum to identify strengths and areas that need improvement.

Analyze with magnifying glass

Step Two - Analyze

I’ll analyze course assets for data-driven insights into their impact on learning, engagement, and success.

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Step Three - Assemble

I’ll assemble a collection of actionable recommendations and strategies to enhance the overall quality of your course or program.

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Step Four - Advise

You'll receive a tailored roadmap, specifically crafted to address any barriers or challenges hindering your students' success and satisfaction.

What to expect on

your VIP Day


Once we respond to your application, choose your VIP date, fill out the intake form, and let the transformation begin. It's that easy to unlock the most effective strategies to improve your course


Our Kick-Off Call marks the exciting beginning of your course transformation journey. During this session, we'll connect, set expectations, discuss your goals, and ensure we have all the necessary materials.


The Course Impact Accelerator VIP Day doesn't stop at guidance; it delivers expert insight saving you a ton of time and energy trying to do this on your own. By the end of the VIP Day, you'll have a clear direction on how to transform your course or program into a more effective and impactful learning experience.

After reviewing your curriculum, content, and community, I’ll provide a personalized, actionable plan guaranteed to improve your course or program that includes:

  • Summary of data insights
  • Detailed slidedeck of recomendations
  • Recordings of kick-off call and wrap-up call
  • Recommended resources list
  • Curated list of relevant resources, templates, and tools
  • 30 days of Voxer/email access for implementation support

These deliverables provide the roadmap to transforming your course or program into an optimized, effective experience that drives better results and satisfaction, gets rave reviews, referrals, and incredible testimonials.


The Wrap-Up Call is where your course refinement journey comes full circle. I'll review my reccomendations, discuss key takeaways, and ensure you're equipped to implement the enhancements we've outlined. It's the final touchpoint in our collaborative process, setting you on a confident path to deliver an exceptional learning experience.

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Supercharge Student Success

The success of your student isn’t dependent on what you are teaching. It’s dependent on how you are teaching it. It‘s in the how of teaching where the magic really happens.

Tracy Sherriff

Founder of Accelerated Learning

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Opting in to the Course Success Accelerator provides far more value than struggling with your current challenges and navigating the uncertainties of DIY alternatives.

Why choose the Course Success Accelerator VIP Day ?

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  • In the world of virtual assistants and freelancers, finding specialized expertise can be a challenge. They may only handle specific tasks.

  • Guessing how to improve your course can be frustrating and time-consuming, demanding extensive research and trial and error. This you don’t have time for.

  • Other alternatives may leave you without clear, measurable outcomes or results.
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  • Gain access to years of professional training and practical experience. I offer personalized guidance and proven strategies to refine your course.

  • One VIP Day supercharges your course refinement process. Quick wins are within reach.

  • My VIP day is designed for immediate improvements. Expect boosted course engagement, reduced drop-out rates, and heightened student satisfaction.

What People Are Saying

Solid Star
Solid Star
Solid Star
Solid Star
Solid Star

“You are the first curriculum designer I've worked with and it was very helpful to help me take the curriculum I already have and figure out how to transition it from a 1:1 container to a group container. Your suggestions about teaching in a group session (treating it like a workshop) and your suggestions on how I could measure their progress along the way was gold!”


Travel Consultant and Coach

Solid Star
Solid Star
Solid Star
Solid Star
Solid Star

“I hired Tracy because I needed support with structuring my program so it was more organized and to make sure my framework was established. My experience exceeded my expectations. I actually enjoy my program now. I gained so much insight and clarity.”


Career Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the duration and structure of the VIP Day?

The VIP Day spans 8 hours, beginning with a kick-off call at 8:30 AM and ending with a wrap-up call. During this call, we set expectations for the day and ensure I have all the necessary materials to get started. Once we're underway, I dive deep into optimizing your course, allowing you to unwind and enjoy the process. Your only expectation is to show up for the calls and be accessible via text, email, or Voxer in case I have any questions while I review your assets.

  • What can you anticipate as the key benefits of the VIP Day?

Prepare to receive a customized plan that provides clear, actionable steps and strategies to elevate your course or online program. Uncover techniques to boost student engagement and motivation, resulting in a more dynamic and fulfilling learning journey. You'll also gain specific recommendations for refining content, improving curriculum, and enhancing community.

  • Is there any preparation or materials required before attending?

There’s an initial questionairre that will help me tailor the day to your specific needs and a few things to gather ahead of time.

Don't worry; I'll send you an email with a list of the few things that will be required once you've booked your VIP Day such as some curriculum documents and testimonials.

  • What's the VIP Day investment, and what does it include?

By booking your VIP day spot, you’re getting a customized, results-driven experience. You’ll gain valuable insights that will save you and your team time and effort in the refinement process. The value of this investment will extend far beyond the day and your investment is easy to recoup with only one or two enrollments.

Here’s the investment: $2497 CDN. During the call I will answer any questions you have and we’ll tak about how we can customize this day. Let’s schedule a call to see how we can work together to achieve your course refinement objectives together.

  • Wondering about post-VIP Day support?

Absolutely! You and your team will have access to 30 days of post-VIP Day support to help with any questions about implementation. You can reach out to me anytime via Voxer or email, and together, we'll celebrate the immediate results you'll achieve as you implement the changes.

This is a streamlined process of identifying necessary changes.

Delegate improvement tasks effortlessly to save valuable time.

  • Improve course structure and delivery
  • Enhance teaching and facilitation skills
  • Increase curriculum accessibility & inclusivity
  • Establish mechanisms for ongoing feedback
  • Boost engagement
  • Elevate student success

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Secure Your


I offer only a select number of VIP days each month. This ensures you receive a high level of personal attention and ongoing dedication to your success.

Your Investment

$2497 CDN

50% deposit reserves at time of booking. Remaining balance due one day prior to VIP day

questions? Email hello@acceleratedlearning.ca